Celebrating Our Collective Strength on the Day of Action for Rivers!

Cambodians make an offering to the Mekong River for the 2018 Day of Action for Rivers.
Photo courtey of EarthRights International

Thank you for celebrating our collective strength on March 14, the 2018 Day of Action for Rivers! 

We’ve recorded an astonishing 140+ events in 46 countries, and photos and stories are still coming in. It’s safe to say we’ve never seen such an outpouring of joyful activity as we’ve seen in the last week; the variety, diversity and passion of our movement is truly overwhelming. 

As river defenders, we are united by something deeper than tribe, language or culture. We share a fundamental belief in the rights of communities to determine their water and energy futures. And we know that for so many communities, a healthy river is central to that future. 

We must hold onto this truth as we move our work forward. And we can take heart that we are part of a truly grassroots, global movement. We are not alone. We are championing people, water and life – and there’s never been a better cause.

See the full set of pictures here.

Friends of Lake Turkana organized a tree-planting along the Kawalase River in Kenya:

Riverine People in Bangladesh organized a “Cycle for Rivers” events at five different rivers across the country:

The Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum held a rally and called for personhood status for the Indus River in Hyderabad, Pakistan!

Indigenous groups along the free-flowing Salween River called for an end to conflict, and the preservation of their river:

And one young girl on the Salween River in Myanmar had a strong message for the country's leadership:

As Mapithel Dam nears completion on the Thoubal River in Manipur, India, locals gathered to send a message about the project that's displaced them from their lands and is ruining their livelihoods:

In Kinshasa, DRC, the local NGO CORAP organized both a celebration of the Mpozo River as well as a press conference opposing the proposed Transaqua project, which would transfer water from the Oubagni River to LakeChad.

In Turkey, local activists celebrated stopping a dam and permanently protecting a stretch of the Alakir River!

Grand Riverkeeper in Labrador held a snowmobile ride, cookout and ice-fishing, in what has to be one of the most unusual Day of Action for Rivers celebrations we've seen!

The South Asian Network for Dams, Rivers and People (SANDRP) put together a truly impressive compendium about the health of rivers all over the country. This is an invaluable resource for anyone fighting for rivers and river communities in South Asia.

North India Rivers: Pollution Poisoning Lifelines 

Maharashtra Rivers: Multi-colored Rivers! 

West India Rivers: Govts, Industries Destroy Rivers 

South India Rivers: More Water for Cities from Drying Rivers 

Kerala Rivers: Government Efforts Fail To Protect Rivers 

Tamil Nadu Rivers: Despite Drought; Diversion of Rivers 

East India Rivers

NE India Rivers: Agenda Behind Brahmaputra & Barak Festivals Won’t Help the Rivers                                                     

Positive Rivers Stories: Citizens Reconnecting with Rivers

India Rivers Studies: Rivers Succumbing To Dams, Pollution & Climate Change 

Rivers as Commons: Reality or Myth?  

Balkan Rivers Tour told developers "We won't give you our river!"

In Guadalajara, Mexico, MAPDER made a declaration for rivers, people and life on March 14, 2018!


In Iran, locals joined together for a celebration of the Siahroud River in Qaemshahr, Mazandaran, Iran on the 2018 Day of Action for Rivers. The event included an environmental dialogue, local music, and a cleanup of the river:

Courageous young people in the Philippines spoke up for their rivers!

River defenders in Argentina agitated to keep Patagonia's Rio Santa Cruz free-flowing:

Kids at the Kahuho School in Kenya learned about the importance of rivers:

Friday, March 16, 2018