Governments and Institutions That Endorse the WCD Recommendations

Governments and funders that endorse the WCD recommendations: Although the Commission dissolved after publishing its report in November 2000, the WCD recommendations live on and have become the most important and legitimate global benchmark for dam building. The following are examples of institutions and governments that have endorsed the WCD report: Several governments - including Germany, Nepal, South Africa, Sweden and Vietnam - have organized dialogue processes to integrate WCD recommendations into national policies. The German government in particular has expressed a strong commitment to

Protecting Rivers and Rights

Fishing by the Da River near the Son La Hydropower Project in Vietnam
The 10th Anniversary of the World Commission on Dams ReportFishing by the Da River near the Son La Hydropower Project in Vietnam Hoai ThanhThe most comprehensive guidelines for large dams that protect the rights of river-dependent communities were outlined by the World Commission on Dams (WCD) in 2000. The WCD assessed the development effectiveness of dams in an independent, participatory process, and established what has come to be regarded as the gold standard for dam building. The WCD principles encompass basic values of human rights and sustainable development that are essential to minimi

Doing Dams Right: The WCD in Practice

Wednesday, June 9, 2010
From June 2010 World Rivers Review In the 10 years since the World Commission on Dams (WCD) released its landmark "Dams and Development" report, no single dam project has exemplified the full scope of its cutting-edge approach, and most dam building nations have failed to implement the WCD framework. But there have been some projects that demonstrate WCD principles in action, as well as laws and policies that reflect the principles espoused by the WCD. Here we highlight a few of these positive examples. Tribal fishermen have fought for dam removal on the Klamath for years Bob Dawson Addres

Commentary: Yes We Can

Wednesday, June 9, 2010
From June 2010 World Rivers Review When the World Commission on Dams (WCD) issued its groundbreaking report 10 years ago, river-loving people around the world celebrated. We celebrated the findings that corroborated what we had long argued - that while dams may have delivered benefits, these have come with exceedingly high costs, particularly for vulnerable groups and the environment. We honored the millions who lost lands and livelihoods to disastrous dams, and the WCD case studies that bore witness to their struggles. We celebrated the successful conclusion of a grueling but critically


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