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Hoodwinked in the Hothouse: False Solutions to Climate Change

Rising Tide North America and Carbon Trade Watch have produced the 2nd edition of Hoodwinked in the Hothouse: False Solutions to Climate Change.This 28-page booklet provides a close-to-comprehensive overview of false solutions to climate change. Fifteen concise articles – complete with photos and illustrations – cover more than 20 false solutions to climate change, including large dams and the Clean Development Mechanism, providing an easy-to-read introduction to the ever expanding market place of climate crisis technofixes. The booklet includes contributions from ETC Group, the Indigen

Crunching the Hydro Numbers 2010: Second Quarter Update on the CDM

Fig. 1: Projects at Validation by Quarter
Update: The number of projects that entered the CDM pipeline increased in the first two quarters of 2010 (See Fig. 1). The percent of registered projects that were involved in the review process (which includes projects that require corrections) has been growing over the years (see Fig. 4): 9.5% in 2005, 9.1% in 2006, 19.3% in 2007, 56.9% in 2008, 70.4% in 2009, 53.7% in 2010 (as of July 1, 2010). 50% of all hydro projects in the CDM pipeline have requested registration since 2004, while 44% of all hydro projects have actually been registered. Figs. 3 and 4 show the fate of projects reque

Gazing into the CDM Crystal Ball

Could a decrease in offsets mean an increase in energy efficiency?
Could a decrease in offsets mean an increase in energy efficiency? The latest Clean Development Mechanism Executive Board meeting ended right after a new World Bank report was published saying that investment in the CDM fell by 59% in 2009 (State and Trends of the Carbon Market). 2009 was the second year in a row that investment has declined (2008 experienced a 12.3% year-to-year drop). The current trend of decreasing demand and development of new projects is a partial product of the recession (less capital = lower emissions and less demand for offset

China’s CDM (Hydro) Projects in Hot Water

Tuesday, June 8, 2010
Originally published in The Asia Water Project The Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), created under the Kyoto Protocol, allows developed countries to push their emission-reduction responsibilities onto developing countries. In theory, instead of reducing emissions domestically, developed countries get to save money by buying emission-reduction credits rather than cutting their own emissions, and developing countries get the proceeds to fund clean development projects Unfortunately, the program has been a flop. Many of the credits don't represent actual avoided pollution. A project must pr

When Do You Compromise on Climate Change?

As regional and national climate change bills continue to ebb and flow in the US, environmental groups have often found themselves split down the middle depending on how much they are willing to compromise with industry. On the one hand, you have big green groups throwing their support behind the upcoming Kerry-Lieberman-Graham (KGL) bill (still unpublished), even though there are some glaring loopholes and red flags. These groups include Environment America, Alliance for Climate Protection, Environmental Defense Fund, National Wildlife Federation, and the Natural Resources Defense Council,

Crunching the Hydro Numbers 2010: First Quarter Update on the CDM

Fig. 1: Projects at Validation by Quarter
Update: The number of projects that entered the CDM pipeline stayed the same between the fourth quarter of 2009 and the first quarter or 2010 (See Fig. 1). The percent of hydropower projects entering the CDM pipeline relative to all CDM projects continues to be on a downward trend since 2007 (see Fig. 2). The percent of projects rejected out of the total number of projects requesting registration was 7.4% in 2007, 3.8% in 2008, and 2.0% in 2009 (this does not include withdrawn projects). 2009 saw an increase in rejections due to heightened scrutiny by the CDM Executive Board. Th

Rally Against Offsets and For Real Climate Solutions

Mobilization for Climate Justice–West
Mobilization for Climate Justice–West On August 15th of 2009, our friends at Mobilization for Climate Justice–West held a successful rally, march, and non-violent demonstrationat the Richmond Chevron refinery to call for a strong, binding and justagreement at the Copenhagen climate talks in December. Over 300 peopleshowed up to create "street heat" for climate justice. You can check out their photos here. The Mobilization for Climate Justice is a North America-based network of activists and organizations, including International Rivers, the Asian-Pacific Environment Networ

Mainland Dams Accused of Carbon Credit Scams

Wednesday, April 7, 2010
Originally published in the South China Morning Post Environmental lobby group International Rivers has condemned the emergence of trade in fake carbon credits and says the biggest source is hydroelectric power projects on the mainland. Under what is known as the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) of the Kyoto Protocol, industrialised countries can support projects that decrease emissions in developing countries and then use the resulting emission reduction credits towards their own reduction targets. But International Rivers says the CDM is "failing miserably and is undermining the effectiven

Japan Buying a Lot of Hot Air

Downtown Tokyo at night. Tokyo, unlike the rest of Japan, will not accept fake offsets.
Downtown Tokyo at night. Tokyo, unlike the rest of Japan, will not accept fake offsets. Ian Muttoo According to Reuters, the Japanese government on Thursday announced that it has bought 95.8 of the 100 million tonnes of carbon offsets it plans to use during the 2008-2012 period to help the country meet its binding reduction target under the Kyoto Protocol. Japan's government and companies are the biggest buyers, outside of Europe, of Kyoto offsets (which include CERs from the controversial Clean Development Mechanism or the CDM, and AAUs from industrialized countries with excess emissi

SANDRP Comments About the Proposed CDM Credits for the Teesta VI Hydroelectric Project (India)

Friday, April 2, 2010
Based on reading of the Project Design Document dated March 2, 2010 (version 1 as available on the UNFCCC website) for the above project, having seen the order of Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission on the application of approval of the PPA of MSEDCL with the Project Proponent (PP), having seen the concurrence letter dated Dec 27, 2006 from the Central Electricity Authority (CEA) of Govt of India (GoI) under the section 8 Electricity Act of 2003, having seen the Environment Impact Assessment and also the clearance letter from the Ministry of Environment and Forests (MEF) and having m


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