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Arcediano Dam

If built, waters from the Arcediano Dam may cause serious health problems for the more than three million people of Guadalajara City, the second largest city in Mexico. The 125 meter high water supply dam promoted by the Jalisco State Water Commission (CEAS) will store water from the highly polluted Santiago River, which is the recipient of large amounts of untreated domestic and industrial wastewaters.

Residents of Guadalajara are concerned that the water will be unsuitable for human consumption, and that the treatment facilities are inadequate for removing the toxic heavy metals and organic wastes that have accumulated in the Santiago River.

Not only does the dam threaten local residents, but the canyon where the dam would be built is a rich habitat for flora and fauna, including endangered and endemic species, which would be negatively impacted by the project.

The project will cost close to US$300 million. The Inter-American Development Bank provided funding to the state government to construct the El Ahogado and Agua Prieta water treatment facilities, and for other facilities associated with the project. It is unknown where the funding for the dam will come from.

International Rivers is working with local NGOs to support their campaign to stop the Arcediano Dam until health and environmental impact studies are conducted, and until alternative options for water supply for Guadalajara City have been considered.

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