Thousands Participate Around the World: Day of Action for Rivers

Katherine Brousseau

Today is the 15th International Day of Action for Rivers!

Protest Against Water Privitization in Brazil
Protest Against Water Privitization in Brazil

Actions have already begun in many regions, and hundreds more will take place today in over 40 countries.

As the International Day of Action for Rivers falls close to World Water Day on March 22nd, these actions will be extended into the coming weeks! It's a powerful time in which thousands of voices are being raised together for free-flowing rivers!

Check out the more than 100 actions happening in over 40 countries!

A few of the exciting events include:

Bangkok - Performance: "Mekong: the River We Share" - Six artists are putting on performances for the International Day of Action for Rivers at the Bangkok Art and Culture Center.

Brazil - Street demonstration: In Porto Alegre, about a thousand workers and activists from MAB (the Movement of People Affected by Dams) from five regions of Brazil took to the streets on March 9th, protesting the privatization of water. Many more actions are being held across Brazil throughout the week in honor of the Day of Action Against Dams and For People, Water, and Life.

Cambodia - Kandal Communities Pray for Rivers on March 7 and 8
Cambodia - Kandal Communities Pray for Rivers on March 7 and 8

Cambodia - River Prayer: On March 7th and 8th, about 800 people, more than half women, from communities in the Kandal Province prayed for the end of upstream dam-building on the Mekong river systems and related deforestation.

Mexico - MAPDER has helped organize nearly a dozen actions across Mexico, including cultural activities, festivals, lectures, general assemblies, demonstration, information dissemination on the effects of dams, and more.

Russia - Week of actions connecting to World Water Day: Over ten actions will take place in four provinces of Russia, organized by Rivers Without Boundaries, to stop the Trans-Sibirskaya Hydrodam project. Press-conferences, educational programs, lectures, letter-writing campaigns to president-elect Putin, contests and more will be held beginning on March 14th, and ending on World Water Day, March 22nd. Participants will range from citizen groups, scientists, conservation professionals and authorities from five provinces of Russia.

uMngeni River in South Africa
uMngeni River in South Africa

South Africa - Preparations by DUCT (Duzi uMngeni Conservation Trust) are being made for a 265km Source to Sea trip along the uMngeni River. The trip will also serve as an opportunity to test the river for e-coli and assess its health at various points.

Turkey - Petition to stop the Ilisu Dam: four civil society organizations from Turkey, Iraq and Iran launched a petition to UNESCO against the Ilisu Dam with the support of many international NGOs. Please sign the petition now!

It's been a pleasure to hear from the hundreds of organizers and participants involved with these actions.  I look forward to more information about the highlights of your actions, seeing photos, and being able to pass along the stories on this blog.

For rivers that are free-flowing, pollution free, free from corporate control, and free for people to enjoy!

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