Time to Get Those Creative Juices Flowing

Kate Ross

From the 2007 Day of Actions for Rivers: Handmade Boats Released along Ebro River
From the 2007 Day of Actions for Rivers: Handmade Boats Released along Ebro River

It is a New Year. A year full of possibilities, promise and great ideas for the 14th International Day of Action for Rivers!

It is not too early to start planning. We have already heard ideas from India, Turkey and the US. I hope that over the next few months we can hear first hand accounts of these plans and of the creative actions taking place around the world. I invite anyone who has Day of Action for Rivers stories from the past and plans for this year to please let me know by writing to dayofaction@internationalrivers.org. I hope that this blog will be a place for us to share experiences, explore creativity and keep up-to-date on the goings on, leading up to March 14.

To get started, check out this year's Call to Action in English, Español, Francais, Chinese, Português and ภาษไทย(Thai).

The first series of actions I would like to share with you are those proposed by our friends in Sikkim, India: a combination of film, music and drama. On March 14, they will raise awareness about the rivers of the region and the threats that they face through dramatized musicals related to their rivers. They will be showing films of successful protests and the struggles against dams. Finally there will be a mock public hearing to prepare people for the 520 Mega-Watt Project proposed in the Sikkim region. We look forward to hearing more about these exciting plans as they develop.

In the meantime, I have spent the past few weeks poring over thirteen years worth of Day of Action for River’s photos and materials: An incredible chronicle of the growth of this day of celebration and solidarity.

Chile, Futaleufu - human banner
Chile, Futaleufu - human banner

With more organizations and countries getting involved each year, and the actions continuously growing in size and in creativity. Human chains, kayak stars, river runs – I urge you to take a look back at these photos, firstly to understand what I am talking about, and secondly to be inspired yourself.

Be inspired, Get creative, Take action...And please tell me about it!

What will you be doing on March 14 in celebration of the International Day of Action Against Dams and For Rivers, Water and Life?

Please let us know by emailing dayofaction@internationalrivers.org