The Final Countdown to March 14

Kate Ross

The call to action has gone out far and wide, whispers have spread from Mexico to Colombia, crossing oceans to reach Turkey, China and Iran, gaining strength and volume as they gain momentum.

With just over a week until the International Day of Action for Rivers we have already heard about 48 events taking place in 21 countries: Canada, Chile, China, Dominican Republic, India, Mexico, Namibia, Nigeria, Spain, Thailand, Turkey, Vietnam, to name a few.

You can find a full description of all of the actions planned for March 14 here, including the following:

  • Mountain climbing groups in Turkey will be making an International Day of Action for Rivers first in Turkey, I believe, when they climb to the top of seven different mountains on March 14. Upon reaching the summit, they will display banners that read "We won't give Anatolian Rivers." They will be in good company as hundreds of people take action across Turkey as part of demonstrations and protests in defense of the Tigris River.
  • In Guadalajara, Mexico friends from the Rivers for Life 3 meeting will be holding the Guadalajara premier of "A River Runs Through Us/Un Rio Corre A Traves de Nosotros," a documentary filmed at the Rivers for Life meeting in Temaca, Mexico. Many Temaca residents who were at the meeting and some who are featured in the film will be at the event.
  • In Russia on March 14, groups plan to hold a conference to raise awareness about the planned Evenkiiskaya Dam project in the Arctic region of Russia's Krasnoyarsk Territory. There is great concern over the alarming social and environmental impacts should this project be built.

I could go on, but please check out all of these actions for yourself. Find an event happening in your region to take part in, or get more ideas for your own event.

Whether groups are screening films, climbing mountains, protesting at dam sites, holding round-table discussions or creating "environmental aspiration walls," on March 14 we will all be taking action together. It is not too late to get involved.

You can now also download and print out the new Day of Action For Rivers brochure, logo and sticker.

Email with your plans for March 14.

More information: 
  • Please remember to take photos and video at your events so that everyone can share in the experience. If you would like to write more about your March 14 events, please consider writing a guest blog, for the International Day of Action For Rivers page.