International Day of Action For Rivers Generates Oscar Buzz

Kate Ross

Day of Action For Rivers generating Oscar buzz
Day of Action For Rivers generating Oscar buzz
I am quite sure that had the Academy seen our Wild River Dance Videos in time for the Oscars last year, they would have given "Hurt Locker" a run for it's money as winner for Best Picture. Therefore it's high time that these wonderful videos from the 2010 Day of Action For Rivers were re-released for public enjoyment...and just in time for this year's Oscar season.

Spearheaded by our very own Web Producer Ian Elwood, the Wild River Dance contest saw many river-loving, dance-filled, inspiring videos. Although the competition is over, you can still post your own Wild River Dance videos in response. So when you watch these and immediately feel the need to go dance by your nearest river, please don't forget your video camera!

Speaking of Oscar-worthy films, if you're in the Bay Area this weekend, don't miss the opportunity to see the United States premiere of "A River Runs Through Us," a film by Carla Pataky, at the Geography of Hope Film Festival in Point Reyes, CA. Filmed last October at the Rivers For Life 3 meeting in Temaca, Mexico, this documentary offers a personal introduction to one of the biggest threats facing our world's rivers, as told by the people at the forefront of the global movement.

Please think about taking videos of your own actions this March 14, as another way to spread the word about inspiring actions happening in celebration of the International Day of Action For Rivers.

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