Wild River Dance Video Winners

Ian Elwood

Thank you to everyone for making the Wild River Dance contest a success! And now...

The Winners

Mira Manickam is our first place winner! She recruited dancers from 15 locations across the United States. Her video features an original rap, beat track and samples with choreographed and coordinated dance moves that people in each different location learned through a video tutorial on YouTube. Amazing!

 River Rap(ids) from Mira Manickam on Vimeo.

Second place goes to Brad Lehrer. Being a trucker gave Brad a great opportunity to visit many rivers. He parked his rig (safely) by the side of the road in various locations and filmed himself dancing by each one.

Third place goes to Liane Greeff of South Africa; her video features some amazing Motchongolo Dancing in celebration of Lowveld Rivers.

Honorable mentions:

 Make sure to watch the rest of the video responses, they are all really good!

Keep it flowing!

Wild rivers still need to be celebrated, so keep on dancing! We will leave our YouTube videos open so that everyone can continue to post video responses in perpetuity. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for more fun and exciting happenings on the world's waterways.

If you want to dance with International Rivers in person, we are having our 25th Anniversary Celebration (also called the Wild River Dance!) in Berkeley, June 4th 2010. Join us!

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