Our Website Survey: Thanks for Sharing

Ian Elwood

Thank you to everyone who shared their thoughts by taking our website user survey. The results were amazingly positive. We appreciated getting an honest assessment from our readers, users and viewers (you)!

Eighty-one people filled out the survey and what little criticism we received was helpful and constructive. Here are some notable responses:

"I follow[ed] International Rivers' work since last year, and I like it very much."

"The educational material that you present is great BUT I believe your readers would benefit from an introductory summary (perhaps with bullet points) at the top of your articles."

We asked what we could do to make the website better. One respondent answered simply, "Coffee." Duly noted. My favorite quotation was this one:

"IR does awesome work."

The survey results showed that a vast majority of people either love our site or like it. And no one hates it -- or if they do they haven't told us. Most of our users have been with the organization for a while, getting email updates or regularly checking our homepage. We also noticed that the people surveyed are very email centric, preferring to be updated via our News Stream and taking email actions.

The regions and topics that International Rivers works on were all appreciated equally, for the most part, though many people would love to get more frequent and in depth information on sustainable water & energy solutions along with dam removal & river restoration. We will continue to do our best!

The greatest part of the survey by far was when we asked, "Is internationalrivers.org easy to use?" The answer was a unanimous "yes." We were very excited that our work to make the site user friendly and accessible has been successful.

Though we sometimes worry that we may come off as too wonky, the majority of respondents, however, said our work is interesting. Many thought it was altogether informative, interesting and inspiring!

Basically, the only criticism we received was that people wanted more of what we already provide: the latest news, research and commentary on rivers and dams.

Please leave comments below if you have more information to add. The website survey is over but we always want to hear your thoughts. Share your ideas and thoughts about our website and the work we do.