A Day of Action that Truly Spanned The World

Kate Ross

The following is a guest blog written by Kate Ross, Intern Extraordinaire

On Wednesday November 10th, 2010 more than 1,000 pairs of eyes were pointed towards Jalisco, Mexico. Reaching across tens of thousands of miles, the voices of those in Kenya, Turkey, Australia, Canada and Brazil could be heard together in one cry: No to the Zapotillo Dam.

Friends from Rivers for Life 3, who spent a memorable October week in Temacapulín joined hands and hearts in solidarity with the community of Temaca on Wednesday. Many went to protest at the Mexican Embassy in their cities, others sent letters directly to the government expressing their concern and calling for a stop to the project. Videos, photos and articles with messages of strength and support for the communities of Temaca, Acasico and Palmarejo are still being created and circulated.

Here in San Francisco - carrying signs, drums and a megaphone - we made our way to the Mexican consulate on Folsom Street. We came armed with signatures from more than 1,500 people (thanks to many of you) on a petition addressed to President Calderón, calling for the cancellation of El Zapotillo Dam and the creation of an open dialogue between the government and affected communities. We were met at the consulate by families from Temacapulín, “hijos ausentes” (absent children) who are now living in the Bay Area.

Standing in the sunshine outside the consulate, we were reminded of our October mornings in Temacapulín - the sun slowly filling the main plaza, casting its warmth over the beautiful homes and historic cathedral. Sharing stories and memories of this incredible town, our shouts of “Temaca Vive, La Lucha Sigue” (“Temaca Lives, The Struggle Continues”) were amplified by those of our partners and allies taking action at the same time.

We joined our voices with the thousands of people marching in the streets of Guadalajara and added our strength to the global cry: “Los pueblos unidos, jamas serán vencidos.” Translation?

“People united, will never be defeated!”

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For the Spanish speaking readers out there, here is a radio interview with Kate about the action to stop El Zapotillo. She reported live from the scene to let radio listeners know what was going on.