Call to Copenhagen: Hear Our Voices

Around the world, climate change is already melting glaciers that feed major rivers, drowing islands, feeding forest wildfires, and threatening the water supply and river resources of billions of people. Out of the global calamity, a growing international movement is gathering to send a message to the governments convening in Copenhagen this December. International Rivers will be there, standing in solidarity with those most impacted by climate change.

Watch a video on the human impact of climate change around the world, which was produced by TckTckTck's human voices project:

Check out these other great videos:

  • Several excellent short "See You in Copenhagen" videos featuring a Nobel Peace Prize-winning scientist, a green industry leader, a grassroots activist and a UN negotiator.
  • Another great TckTckTck video, Beds are Burning, featuring over 60 celebrities and musicians.
  • Check out the newly launched youth campaign CO2sequence.

Now here's what you can do: join the 350 movement. One Day of Action is never enough. With 1,784 events, in 141 countries, 350's October 24th Day of Action is on a roll, but they still need you to participate. Gather at a sacred river, form a giant 350 with kayaks, or hang banners from a dam!  Go to the 350 website for more information on how to get involved or to read the inspiring list of activities happening around the world.