River Destruction on Trial

Turkish Officials Touring Dam Project
Turkish Officials Touring Dam Project

Water Tribunal in Turkey

The construction of big dams, pollution, privatization of water, etc. has caused water to be the object of national, international and local conflicts. If current policies continue and solutions are not found, it is likely that water-related conflicts will only increase.

Thus, Heinrich Boell Foundation and the Tribunal Latinoamericano del Agua are planning a Water Tribunal, which will be held in Istanbul on March 10-11 and March 14. "The objective of the Water Tribunal is to contribute to the resolution of water-related conflicts, for which no solution can be found within the current legal framework. The Water Tribunal also aims to provide alternative and fair solutions to water-related conflicts through reinterpretation of the law." Political decision makers are invited to the Tribunal to help generate solutions and bring public attention to these water-related conflicts. Four different cases, three of which are from Turkey and one from Latin America, are planned to be reviewed and will be assessed by a panel of jurors. The verdict will be given on March 14.

About Latin America Water Tribunal:

The Tribunal Latinoamericano del Agua is an international organization headquartered in Costa Rica, and strives to protect access to water as a human right. The Tribunal evaluates projects and determines whether they inflict an infringement on rights. For more detailed information about Tribunal Latinoamericano del Agua, visit their website.