Army Mobilizes to Defend Balbina Dam

Brazilian Military in Amazon
Brazilian Military in Amazon
I know I should be working, but this one caught my eye: "Brazil defends Amazon dam in simulated war. Beginning yesterday, the `Green´ country (Brazil) will be invaded by the `Yellow´ country, which will occupy Balbina Dam and mineral-rich areas in the Amazon." The Brazilian Navy, Army, and Air Force will mobilize to halt the nefarious "Yellow" plans. According to the operation´s site, the principal objective is to protect the dam and electric system installations.

Social movements, watch your step! Indians opposing dams, hide your machetes! Somehow, with the escalating rhetoric about Brazil´s sovereignty over the Amazon, and proposals for military bases in indigenous areas, this "war game" could be more real than it appears.

The site for the military operation, was up earlier today, and then went off-the-air. You can try it again later