"Rivers for Life" Is Ready to Go!

Peter Bosshard
Temacapulin cathedral
Temacapulin cathedral

Mexican sun over the Rio Verde,
Red chili drying on cobbled streets,
Musica Ranchera sobre la plaza,
Excited kids waiting for their guests.

Activists arriving from all over the world,
from Norway, Surinam and Vietnam,
Old friends and new faces getting together
Bienvenidos, huanying and welcome!

Please take a map, a t-shirt and a mug,
Have you signed up for the field trip yet?
Finding space to stay with local people,
Susanne and Berklee in control.

Arroz con salsa y frijoles,
Please wash your dishes after eating.
Who's got the keys to the women's bathroom?
Hot springs by the river if we had the time.

Agua fresca con guyaba,
Who can translate into French?
Don Pancho is serving up Tequila,
"Rivers for Life" is ready to go!

Peter Bosshard is the policy director of International Rivers. He blogs at www.internationalrivers.org/en/blog/227

(You will find my wrap-up blog from the Rivers for Life meeting here.)