2012: Southeast Asia

Burma, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam

Kuki Demonstrations Against Tamanthi Dam
Kuki Demonstrations Against Tamanthi Dam

For the seventh year of participation in Day of Action for Rivers to stop the Tamanthi Dam, this year all affected villages gathered near the dam site to pray for the end of the dam's construction. The villagers wore Kuki traditional dress, and the Kuki Women's group organized several activities next to the dam site.

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Lun Lun


March on Foot and Boat Trip to Lower Se San 2 Hydroelectric Dam
Boat Trip to Lower Se San 2 Dam

On February 28th, hundreds of residents from villages along the Se San River in Stung Treng and Ratanakiri provinces marched and boated to the Lower Se San 2 Hydroelectric Dam. Construction of the dam would flood many of these villages.

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Men Vannavy

Kandal Communities Prayer for Rivers and Forests

Kandal Prayers for Rivers and Forests

On March 7th and 8th, Kandal River Communities Prayed for the halting of upstream dams and deforestation: An estimated 800 people, more than half women, participated in "Prayers for the River" in nine different locations in Lvea Em, Kandal province, Cambodia.


Men Vannavy

Thanksgiving in Stung Treng Province

A Thanksgiving Day will be held in honor of the Day of Action for Rivers, on April 26th. It will be organized by Culture and Environment Preservation Association (CEPA) and other NGOs in Cambodia, and about 500 participants are expected.

Tek Vannara, CEPA

Love Kampot River Day

Love Kampot River Day organizers drew attention to the many attributes of the river and provide education about the importance of a healthy environment for a healthy community. Discussion was focused on how food-security, tourism, and community health are all directly impacted by uses of the river. The day also put Kampot on track to compete in a nationwide clean-cities competition announced by Cambodia's Prime Minister Hun Sen in February. Events included a massive riverside clean-up, a community sponsored meal for volunteers, children's activities and a boat parade. Partners in the event included Kampot Province Department of Environment, local businesses and NGO's, as well as citizens of Kampot.

Anne Pizey


Events in Riau Province

The Elang Foundation organized events for March 14th. Past events included a boating campaign down the Siak River. The foundation's vision is to bring about fair and sustainable management of rivers and river areas by recognizing the position of the community as a part of the ecosystem.

Riko Kurniawan
Organizer, Elang Foundation
Email: rikokurniawan@gmail.com

Yayasan Elang, Organizer
Email: elang.yayasan@gmail.com


Actions & Screening: "Wrong Climate for Damming Rivers"

The campaign against the Pulangi Dam 5 organized actions for March 14th, and screened the video "Wrong Climate for Damming Rivers" with a translation into the local dialect, Cebuano.


Datu Bong
Executive Director, NATABUK


Sarawak Educational Events - Rights and Dams

An organization was formed with the purpose of educating the native people of the Sarawak region of their rights to live on the land, and about the effects of 51 proposed dams in the region.

Tadam Sinawat

Launching of Campaign to Clean Moyog River

In an effort to revive and restore the Moyog River, once a lifeline for food and transportation, a group of like minded individuals came together to form CLEAR (Community-Led Environmental Awareness for Our River). To mark the International Day of Action For Rivers, CLEAR launched its long-term campaign on March 17 to create awareness among villagers who live on the banks of the river on why they must stop dumping household waste into the river. The Assistant Minister for Tourism, Culture and Environment under the Sabah State Government, launched the event. This river lies on the west coast of Sabah, a Malaysian state on Borneo Island, and is close to the capital city of Kota Kinabalu.

Ms Winnie Jimis

Jaswinder - on behalf of CLEAR jaswinder.kler@yahoo.com


Prayer for Salween
Prayer for Salween
Community-Led Ceremonies Along the Salween River

Various communities from Thailand, Burma and China gathered along the Salween River in a small village in Thailand to celebrate and pray for the Salween/Nu River Basin. At least twenty dams have been proposed for the mainstream Salween River, which would cause the displacement of hundreds of thousands of people who live downstream, among other consequences. Katy Yan, International Riv'ers China Program Coordinator, participated in the actions - read her blog to find out more.

Communities within this basin have participated in the Day of Action for Rivers in many past years. These gatherings bring together dozens of communities, students, environmental and social activists, and opposition politicians.

More information:
- Burma Rivers Network
- Salween Watch

Katy Yan

Actions against Khaeng Sue Ten Dam

Actions were held along the Mae Yon River, in the Phrae Province, on which the government has proposed to build the Khaeng Sue Ten Dam.


Performance: "Mekong: the River We Share"

There was a performance by six artists on March 14th at the Bangkok Art and Culture Center (BACC).


Photographs of Ho Chi Minh City Canal Drying

A campaign documented the dwindling of canals and river tributaries in Ho Chi Minh City due to urbanization.

Anh Son Tsn

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